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Frequently Asked Questions

Hello,  parents! Here are the most common questions my students' parents have about band, drums, and lessons. If you have any questions that aren't here, please drop me a line at so that I can answer them... Odds are, somebody else has the same question!

Does my child
need a whole drum set?

It depends! If a student is just getting started and they're playing in band at school, they just need a "percussion kit" like this one  or this one. Most music stores rent those kits so ask your childs band director for details on kit rentals. Notice that one of those link has a larger wooden mallet instrument, and one has a smaller metal mallet instrument. The wooden one is an upgrade over the metal one for at home practice but the smaller mallet instrument is just fine for those first few years of playing.  At the very least, they'll need a pair of sticks and a practice pad but remember! Percussionists need to play all of the percussion instruments in band, not just the snare drum

Does my child need to play the drums at home? Is just playing at school enough?

Yes, percussion students especially need dedicated practice time AT HOME! But don't worry, they don't have to practice every day.... only the days that they eat!

How old should a child be to start playing drums?

In general, I tend to teach at around the age of 7 and up. For me, I need the student to be old enough to realize why they're trying to learn an instrument. That being said, you might be able to find a specialized teacher in your area who works with kids as young as 3 or 4. 

What do I need to buy?

Check out the Gear Recommendations page to find sticks and mallets. They'll also need a practice kit, a stick bag, a metronome (an app is fine) and a music stand.

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