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Congratulations! You've recently joined band and picked the coolest instrument. I'm proud of you for choosing so wisely!


Before you can start though, you'll need to pick up a few things! Here's what I recommend a beginner percussionist having by the end of their first year of playing.


Feel free to find used mallets, stick bags, pads, and music stands! Buying drumsticks new is advised, unless you want some pre-chipped sticks

Vic Firth sd1.PNG

1 Pair of

Concert Band Sticks

promark pst3.PNG

1 Pair of

"General" Timpani Mallets

ip240 mallet_edited_edited.jpg

1 pair of

"Medium" marimba mallets

vic firth 5a.PNG

1 Pair of

5A drum set sticks

Practice Pad

Remo Practice Pad

Evans Practice Pad

Music Stand

Developing Players

After the first year or two so, you'll need a few more items. At this point, you'll hopefully be getting some sort of exposure to 4 mallet grips, and will need a matching set of 4 mallets to practice with. You should also consider picking up a pair of hard timpani mallets so that you can start to expand your options when playing timpani. 

For those of you who are joining your schools jazz band for the first time, you'll probably need some brushes and some lighter sticks as well!

Vic Firth sd1.PNG

1  pair of General Snare Sticks

1 Pair of "Light playing" Snare Sticks

promark pst3.PNG

1 pair of General Timpani Mallets

1 Pair of Hard/Staccato Timpani Mallets

ip240 mallet_edited_edited.jpg

2 Pairs of Medium Marimba Mallets

1 Pair of "General" drum set sticks

1 Pair of "Light" drum set sticks

1 pair of brushes

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